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enhancing children's self-esteem

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16. The best "measure" that a person has achieved high self-esteem is

a. a record of strong academic performance

b. confidence in a social situation

c. self- sufficiency

d. strong family relationships

10. When setting guidelines or rules for children and enforcing them, the best advice is to

a. have several discipline measures in mind for consequences of misbehavior

b. have the children help determine the rules whenever possible.

c. post the rules in the room for everyone to see

d. give children three chances or "strikes" before taking disciplinary action

I hope you can help me really stuck on these right now.

Is it possible for a page refernce to? if not that's ok

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    16. We can rule out a and d. People with low self esteem may have these, while people with high self esteem may not. A person with high self-esteem may be comfortable with him/herself and not comfortable in social situations. That leaves c. as the best answer.

    17. Punishment is not a good guide for helping children behave. That eliminates a and d. Since some children may not be able to read, c is eliminated. But when people, including children, help determine the rules, we have the best chance of seeing that reasonable rules are followed.

  • enhancing children's self-esteem - ,

    thank you Ms. Sue
    With your renenforcement I passed my test. I got a 100% I can't thank enough for the help.

  • enhancing children's self-esteem - ,

    The best "measure" that a person has achieved high self-esteem is

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