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Chemistry (Titration Curves)

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Which of the following Acid+Base titration combinations would have a buffering region in their plot?

1)Strong Acid+Strong base (HCl+NaOH)
2)Weak acid and strong base (Acetic+NaOH)
3)Strong Acid and weak base (HCl+NH3)
4)Weak Acid and weak base (Acetic+NH3)

In all cases, there is 8ml of .1M Acid, and the NaOH is .100 M as well.

  • Chemistry (Titration Curves) -

    And btw, bases are being titrated into acids.

  • Chemistry (Titration Curves) -

    It doesn't matter how what is titrated with what, B, C, and D will have a buffered region. Technically, and many students don't realize it, BUT a strong acid/strong base is also buffered at the beginning of the titration

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