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Posted by Amor on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 9:57pm.

Had to correct sentences so the parallel ideas are expressed

1. Is it true that Superman could leap tall buildings, run faster than a locomotive, and those bullets would bounce off his skin?
2. To celebrate the canned pork product called Spam, we attended the Texas Spamarama Festival to participate in the Spambalays cook off, the Spam slab toss, the Spam relay race, and were dancing to such favorites as “twist and Snout.”
3. My Aunt Clara swears she has seen Elvis snacking at the deli, browsing at the supermarket, munching at the pizza parlor, and in the cookbook section of a local bookstore.
4. According to my husband, summer air in Louisiana is 2 percent oxygen, 8 percent water and 90 percent mosquitoes.
5. Many teachers believe that the most important keys to success for students in college include attending class, keep up with reading assignments, and being brave enough to ask questions.
6. Yoga encourages its participants to work on their flexibility, strength, and how they can reduce there stress levels.
7. Drivers should hang up their cell phones; refrain from eating and drinking too, leaving the radio buttons alone.
8. Smart people learn from their own mistakes; learning from the mistakes of others is what even smarter people do.
9. Theater class helped me overcome my shyness, make new friends, and my confidence to do other activities was improved.
10. The writer Oscar Wilde, the dancer Isadora Duncan, the painter Max Ernst, and Jim Morrison, who was a rock star, are all buried in the same Paris cemetery.

Thank you

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