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Posted by Henry1 on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 5:43pm.

I need to find a good site containing colloquial expressions used in everyday conversations (example, at the phone, at meals etc).
I'd also like you to check these sentences, please.

1) Can you use the word “class party” where(to which?) you invite all your classmates? I’ll write you an invitation (card?) to my 18th birthday.
2) When will the party take place? Who will you invite? On which day will the party be? What will you wear? Will I have to dress up (does it mean “to dress smartly?) Who will get the drinks?
3) Is it wrong to say “ I didn’t drink any beers last night.
Can I have the remote control because I want to switch over to Channel 3 and watch my favorite documentary?
4) Will you warm up the soup in the microwave for me, please?
This afternoon we went to Turin by car. My son went on the rides and enjoyed himself a lot.
5) His attitude has changed since he tried to rape his daughter.
When Prospero first arrived on the island, he treated Caliban well.
6) He taught him his language and helped Caliban find the words when he was babbling. In his turn Caliban showed him all the secrets of the island.

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