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In the equation

each letter represents a different nonzero digit. Determines the sum

i don't know how to do this

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    start with E. 4e is 20 + A or 10+A or A.

    but it has to be divisible by 4, so A is 4 or 2 or 6. Think that out.
    if A is 4, then 4E is 24, or 4, which means E is 6, or 1

    Now try those combinations for A and E, and work on the other letters. Because I am so helpful, look at the leading digits: IF A is 4, then can E be 6? Look at the first digit now 4A=E+10 or 20. But the number EDCBA is the same number of digits as ABCDE, so no carry is involved, so E cannot be 6. So E is 1, which means A is 4

    Now work on the tens digit the same way. Have fun.

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    The product of five-digits number by four equal five-digit number-->A=1 or A=2.
    The last digit of number 4E is A-->A=2,E=8


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    Hmmm. I agree.

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