March 28, 2017

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Choose the sentence with the grammatical error below.


In his autobiography, Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., who in 1970 retired from the Air Force as a three-star general, describes his efforts to gain professional recognition for himself and for other black servicemen.

Some insects that belong to the phylum Arthropoda are grasshoppers, bristletails, silverfish, and firebrats.

Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller's teacher, was herself partially blind.

Waiter please bring some more bread.

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    Again, you need to DO the work first.


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    The answer is D. After Waiter should be a comma. Think and remember that every comma stands for a pause. Waiter please bring some more bread, seems as if waiter is describing please. It should read: Waiter,(pause to gain attention from the waiter) please bring some more bread.

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