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How do I go about solving this simple problem??*

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    25s + 25 = -15s
    first, we transpose all terms containing the variable s to one side of the equation (in this problem, let's transpose them to the left side), and all other terms to the other side.
    thus, we transpose -15s to the left side. to transpose, we change its sign to the opposite, thus it becomes +15s on the left side, and the +25 becomes -25 on the right:
    25s + 25 = -15s
    25s + 15s = -25
    then we combine similar terms. to combine terms with variables, we just add the numerical coefficient (the number before the variable), thus it becomes:
    40s = -25
    finally to get s alone, we divide both sides of equation by 40:
    (40s)/40 = -25/40
    s = -5/8

    hope this helps~ :)

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