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Posted by Alex on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 6:54pm.

please check my answers...and help me if i got wrong Thanks

According to social psychology, what terms are being described in the situations below?

Social Facilitation
Social Loafing
Group Think

1-The newscaster reported that a vehicle carrying cash money was in an accident and the truck flipped. When the truck flipped, the doors opened and the contents of the truck spilled out. People were stopping their cars and grabbing as many dollar bills as they could. Each person filled their pockets with the money and ran back to their car. Which term is being described as the people taking the money?

My answer: Social loafing

2-Sammy was out with his friends. They all decided to go see a movie. Sammy had heard really good reviews about a new movie that had just been released. His friends all suggested they go see the one that Sammy thought sounded really boring. He didn't say anything, and went along with them even though he really wanted to see the other movie instead.

My answer: think group

3-Valerie has been practicing her equestrian skills since she was 2-years-old. She loves horses and riding them gives her an enormous amount of happiness. Lately, she has lost some interest is competing. She still loves the sport, but she does not thrive in the competition environment. One day, Valerie's boyfriend came to watch one of her competitions. Valerie scored near perfect marks on each event. Which term is being described in Valerie's situation?

My answer: Deindividuation

4-Mrs. Collins, the principal, was holding an assembly on the school's policies and procedures. After she discussed the policy of graduation, everyone cheered loudly. Tara looked around and noticed that several of her classmates did not clap. She began to laugh to herself because she felt the clapping was so loud that there may have been "extra" people in the assembly that were clapping. Which terms is being described as not all of the people clapped in the assembly?

my Answer: Social facilitation

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