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Could you please check these sentences, please? Thank you.

1) It is evening and the action takes place in Eveline’s living room.
Darkness and dust characterize the room.
2)In the past Eveline and the other children used to play and shelter by vigilance (I need a synonym) against her father.
3) Eveline feared her father because he used to interfere and spoil their play. She fears him now because he keeps behaving violently and aggressively towards her. She also resents his parsimony. (She resents the fact that he is unwillingly to give her money). In the past he wasn’t so bad.
4) In the room Eveline notices the picture of a priest, a school friend of her father’s (?). The priest has become a yellowing photograph; the promises made to Blessed Mary Margaret Alacoque are next to his picture. All these objects are familiar to her and share their being old and dusty.
5) Eveline considers her job as a department store clerk dull and her superior abusive.
As a consequence, she would not cry many tears at leaving the store.
6) She has agreed to be Frank’s wife and to leave her home.
Frank is her boyfriend and he is a sailor.

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    Commas ... again and again.

    2. watchfully

    3. unwilling (no -ly on that word)

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