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Starting from rest, a 4.4 kg block slides 3.5 m down a rough 22.3o incline in 2.4 seconds. Determine the energy lost due to friction. (Hint: find the final kinetic energy and subtract that from the work done by gravity.)

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    Your hint tells you how to do it.

    The final velocity is twice the average velocity of 3.5/2.4 m/s, which would be
    Vfinal = 2.92 m/s

    Energy lost = M g H - (1/2) M Vfinal^2/2

    You do not need to use the slope of the incline to get the answer. You COULD use it to get the kinetic friction coefficient.

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    average velocity= distance/time=3.5/2.4 m/s

    so final velocity= 2*averagevelociyt
    and KEfinal= 1/2 m vf^2

    height of ramp= 3.5sin22.3

    mgh=you figure.

    energy from friction= mgh- KEfinal

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