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Posted by Henry1 on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 1:02pm.

I left a few sentences out.
I'm posting them now. I just would like to know if the word choice is correct.

1)Before her mother died, she had promised (to her) that she would keep the house (the home?) together as long as she could.
2)She is no longer (a) child.
While she is waiting for the time to leave, memories from her past come before her.
3)She is determined to escape from her unhappy life with her new fiancè, though her father has forbidden her to see him.
4) She imagines how people at work would react at her elopment (???) with Mark.
5) She believes that once married to Mark, she could lead a succssful life abd be treated with respect.
There is a home waiting for her in Buenos Aires.
6) Her father doesn't agree on her relationship with Frank so she decides not to tell him anything about her plan to leave home.
7) She is torn between her determination to leave and break the chain with her past and the promise she made to her mum that she would keep the house together (on her mother's death).
8) When he invites her to leave she gets the impression he will drown her and eventually decides not to leave.
She knew he would be the only one who could free her (set her free?) from her unahappy live full of (?) self-sacrife.
9) She has given (laid down/sacrificed) her entire life for the sake of her family. Her cultural and social traditions prevent her from leaving.

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