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Chemistry II

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For the cell

Fe(s)©¦Fe2+(aq)¨UO2(g)©¦H+(aq), H2O(l)©¦Pt(s)


a) standard cell potential; b) overall cell reaction c) number of electrons transferred

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    Look up Eo values for Fe==>Fe^2+ + 2e (as an oxidation)
    and O2 + 4H^+ 4e ==> 2H2O (as a reduction)
    and add them together. Check these reactions; I assume these go that way. Ad the oxidation half and the reduction half to obtain the cell potential. As written, it will be negative.

    b)The overall cell reaction, as drawn/written, will the sum of the two half reactions; however, you will need to multiply the Fe half cell by 2 to make the electrons equal.
    c) The electrons transferred = 4.

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