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I have to construct a sentence in the passive indicative. I googled "French Passive Indicative" and everything was in Latin, not in French. Could you provide me with an example of how to write in the passive indicative?

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    Just call it the Passive Voice. The Indicative is what you learn before you learn the Subjunctive. The Passive Voice in French is formed with être plus the past participle. Because the past participle is conjugated with être, it functions like an adjective. That means that it will have the same gender (masculine/feminine) and number (singular/ plural) as the subject.

    La porte est ouverte. = the door is open (opened.) Since it does not say by whom, this is the Passive.

    The Active Voice would be: Le garçon a ouvert la porte. = Now we know WHO opened it.

    Les livres sont fermés. = The books are closed.

    Toutes les voitures sont noires. = All the cars are black.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    How do you say please in french.

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    S'il vous plait or s'il te plait

    - I live in Canada we rep this ;)

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