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I recently decided to apply for a credit card. I have absolutly no credit. When I received my new credit card I was extremely excited. I thought I was going to be responsible with my new credit card but I was not. The first thing I did was go to the mall. Just two hours after I received my card, I had maxed it out. My spending limit was a thousand dollars. I was overly confident in my ability to use my credit card responsibly.

Adverbs; Recently, absolutely, extremely, overly and responsibly.

Adjectives; decided, apply,no, received,new, responsible, thought, excited,first, go, two, maxed out, confident, ability, spending

Is that right?

  • com155 -

    Your adverbs are correct.

    These are your correct adjectives:
    no, new, responsible, excited, first, two, confident, spending

  • com155 -

    thank you. did i miss any adjectives?

  • com155 -

    The only adjective I see that you missed is thousand.

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