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An airplane heads due south with an air speed of 480km/h. Measurements made from the ground indicate that the plane's ground speed is 528km/h at 15 degrees east of south. Calculate the wind speed.

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    make a sketch with O the origin
    OP = 480 and south along the y-axis.
    draw OR as the resultant of length 528 and angle POR = 15°
    Complete the parallogram with OQ =PR and QR = OP

    by cosine law:
    PR^2 = 480^2 + 528^2 + 2(480)(528)cos15°
    PR = 139.9125

    So the wind speed is 139.9 km/h

  • Calculus/Vectors - ,

    so by using that formula for cosine i somehow still can't get the right answer :(

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