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Algebra 2

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Is it me or does this problem not make sense? (you can't solve it)

5. Solve for x in the following system:
6x + 6y = -2
y = -x

I also need help in these:

38. We can take the product AB only if the number of columns of A equals the number of rows of B. -True?

40. The graph of the following system yields perpendicular lines:

x + 2y = -10
-4y = 2x + 20

True or False?

42. If we multiply a 2 x 2 matrix with a 2 x 1 matrix, the product is a 2 x 1 matrix.


  • Algebra 2 -

    There is no solution, the lines are parallel.

    38. true

    40. put each in slope intercept form:
    y=-x/2 -5
    y=-x/2 -5
    false, it is the same line.

  • Algebra 2 -

    Wait, so 42 IS false?


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