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Homework Help: Critical Thinking (philosophy)

Posted by Jean on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 6:56pm.

1. 21{1[2(24)24]}> The average height of members of the high school basketball team is six feet, three inches. Jerry is on the high school basketball team, so Jerry must be taller than six feet.
The argument above is flawed because it confuses (Points : 1)
Jerry with other members of the team
the members of one team with the members of another team
people who are six feet three inches tall for people who are exactly six feet tall
# an average for the individuals that make up that average.

2. <11{1[4(17)17]}> Mrs. Orlof teaches two history classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Yesterday she gave the same test to both classes. Anyone who failed the test must take a retest. Since a greater percentage of students who took the morning test failed the test than students who took the afternoon test, more of Orlof’s morning history students than afternoon history students will have to take the retest.
The conclusion above is not necessarily valid because (Points : 1)
more students in the morning class may have passed the test than failed the test
some students may have been absent from both classes
some of the students who passed the afternoon test may have received information about the test from morning students
# more students may have taken the test in the afternoon than in the morning

3. <11{1[1(19)19]}> All sages provide both wisdom and inspiration. Since Dasha’s speech contained wisdom and greatly inspired her audience, Dasha is a sage.
Which one of the following points out the flaw in the argument above? (Points : 1)
Just because Dasha is a sage doesn’t mean that she is always wise and inspirational.
Just because Dasha’s speech provided wisdom and inspiration doesn’t mean that it provided more wisdom than inspiration.
# Just because Dasha satisfied two requirements of being a sage doesn’t necessarily mean that she satisfies all the requirements of being a sage.
Just because Dasha provided wisdom and inspiration in a speech doesn’t mean that all sages use speeches to provide wisdom and inspiration.

4. <21{1[1(13)13]}> A recent study of 100 employees from six departments of a major corporation found 65% to be sleep deprived. The researchers concluded that the majority of corporate employees are sleep deprived.
The researcher’s conclusion is suspect because it (Points : 1)
# assumes that corporate employees are more sleep deprived than other people
is based on evidence that is statistically impossible
fails to describe the effects the sleep deprivation has
relies on a sample that is too small to represent the entire corporate workforce

5. <11{1[3(02)02]}> Catherine goes to her local movie theater only to see romantic comedies. Since Catherine did not go to the movies yesterday, there is not a romantic comedy playing at her local theater.
The reasoning above is flawed because the evidence (Points : 1)
# does not suggest that Catherine goes to see every romantic comedy that plays at her local movie theater
implies that Catherine is uninterested in most types of movies
does not indicate whether Catherine watches only romantic comedies at home
suggests that Catherine’s local movie theater hardly ever shows romantic comedies.

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