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I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much.

1) Sykorax’s magic is evil (maleficent has the same meaning?) since it derives from (originates from?) a pact with the devil. The novels of Defoe or Defoe’s novels, the novels by Defoe are fictional autobiographies.
2) Your sentences are difficult to follow since they contain too many subordinate sentences.You must write shorter sentences including one single idea each time. Furthermore, you still make avoidable grammar mistakes such as the lack of the “s” in the third-person singular present or the use of the gerund instead of the bare infinitive after a modal or an auxiliary verb. You should try to write bigger because your handwriting is almost indecipherable.
3) Where is the source of Prospero’s magic found?The third theme concerns the element of magic.There are two types of magic in the play: maleficent and beneficent. (Can I use the “colon” or the “comma” indiscriminately?)
4)The author's point of view is the same as the main character's.

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    In #2, it should be "subordinate clauses" (not subordinate sentences).

    In #3, using the colon in that construction is better than using a comma.

    #4 should be ~~ The author's point of view is the same as that of the main character.

    #1 is fine.

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