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Posted by Henry1 on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 1:21pm.

I forgot to include the following doubts. Thank you very much. I included first the sentence with mistakes and then the correction.
By the way, can you say "the writer of a novel/novels / the novelist"?

1)The first two themes are linked to the fact that the criminals are not only stopped before they could causing death, but they are also forgiven. That happens with Caliban but also with Antonio who is forgiven by his brother Prospero that, in the end, comes back to Milan and takes possession of his dukedom.
2)Correction: As for the first two themes, criminals are not only prevented (stopped) from causing death but they are also forgiven. Actually, Prospero forgives his brother and takes possession of his dukedom.
3)The main character is always the (not “a”) self-made, self-reliant bourgeois man with his problems. He solves his problems alone and the audience sympathize with him. (not “he inspires sympathy in the audience???).
4)The writer also aims to write in a simple way so as to be understood even by less well -educated readers/people.
(not by the less well-educated ??
5) With reference to Defoe's novels/As for Defoe's novels, they are fictional autobiographies...
6) You referred briefly to the themes without explaining any of them.

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