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The Crucible by Arther Miller
1- What did Tituba do in the forest?
a. She danced with the girls
b. She accused four women of witchcraft.
c. She tried to conjure dead children.
d. She sang songs of Barbados.

i chose c

2- A possible motivation for later accusations of witchcraft is suggested by all of the following except
a. John Proctorís disapproval of Reverend Parris
b. Putnamís land dispute with Giles Corey
c. Abigailís interest in John Proctor
d. Haleís statement that Betty is a witch

i chose d

3- Under duress, Tituba says all of the following except
a. the devil wants Mr.Parris killed
b.she gave Abigail chicken blood to drink
c. she did not compact with the devil
d. five women came withe devil.

i chose d

4- Giles Corey says that his wife has been reading strange books because
a. is angry and wants his wife to be punished
b. wants to see if reverend hale knows about witches
c. wants to ask about something he think is important
d. thinks his wife is a witch

i chose c

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