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College Math

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Hooke's Law the table shows the distance D that a spring stretches when a weight W is hung on it.
W (pounds 2 6 9 15
D (inches) 1.6 4.8 7.2 12
(a.) Do the data represent direct or inverse variation?
Explain. (b.) Find an equation that models the data.
(c.) How far will the spring stretc if an 11- pound weight is hung on it, as depicted in the figure?

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    (a) when the ratios are proportional they represent direct variation.
    For example: 1.5/2 = 4.8/6 = 7.2/9 = 12/15 = 0.8
    Guess at this point you can figure out the equation required for (b).
    (c) substitute W=11 into the equation in (b).

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