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I forgot to include the following sentences. (I'n unsure about the use of the prepositions of location and time).

1)During my journey to Australia I hope I’ll see some typical animals such as koala bears and kangaroos.
2)When we return to Italy, we’ll go to the seaside, to (in Sardinia) for a week. (is “going to also possible?” we are going to go to..)
3)We are leaving Turin for Rome at….. /We are leaving from Turin on 23 July in the morning and we are arriving in Rome at… I’m going to leave from Turin to Milan (and go to Milan) by car.
4)We are meeting in (also at Medford Square) at 5 pm.
5)Where are you going to take your flight to Rome? I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. (and not “I’m going to receive news from you”)
6)Are you going to go there with some of our friends? I’m writing to you to ask you (some information not necessary) about your next holiday.How much is your holiday going to cost?

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    #2 = either

    #5 = looking forward to hearing

    It is so confusing with everything in parentheses. Can't you decide which is best and then just type that? (please)


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