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Posted by Anon on Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 10:01am.

The soup in a bowl is too hot to eat. Although there are no ice cubes in the freezer, there are several stainless steel spoons that have been stored in the freezer for several hours. By placing the cold spoons in the hot soup, the soup's temperature is lowered from a temperature of 82Ž to 48Ž. The mass of the soup is 0.1kg while the mass of each spoon is 0.04kg.
a) Assuming that soup has a specific heat capacity of 4186J/(kgŽ),how much heat is transferred from the soup?
b) If the initial temperature of the spoons is -15Žand their specific heat capacity is 448J/(kgŽ), how many spoons are needed to cool the soup? (Hint: Their final temp=48Ž)

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