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A 37 ohm lamp and a 59 ohm lamp are connected in series and placed across a potential of 43 V.
What is the equivalent resistance of the
circuit? Answer in units of ohm.

What is the current in the circuit?
Answer in units of A.

What is the voltage drop across the first
Answer in units of V.

What is the power dissipated in the first
Answer in units of W.

  • Physics -

    Resistors in series add. Equivalent resistance is 37 + 59 = 96 ohms.

    Use ohm's law to get the current that goes through through both resistors.

    The first resistor gets 37/96 of the 43 V applied voltage. The second resistor gets the rest.

    resistor power dissipation = I^2 R

  • Physics -

    I got the answer wrong. Is there any other ways you can explain this?

  • Physics -

    Show us your work and someone will show you where you may have made mistakes

  • Physics -

    a =f/m

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