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I forgot to include the following corrections I did myself.

1)In this way, the signs of age and corruption appear IN the picture. He makes a reflection (he meditates upon) about the sadness of war. He dreams of his dying friend. He describes his friend’s death from (not “because of”?) chemical warfare.
2) The entrances to (not of) Dr Jekyll's house. The front one is beautiful whereas the rear one is inhospitable and ugly.
3) In Jekyll's mind the human nature is composed by (OF) two sides, one whole good and the other wholly bad.
Jekyll daydreams to separate (about separating) these two natures and about controlling them.
4)The poet cannot help lunging at his friend as he asks for help and then as he is dying.
5)At the end, to free himself of the portrait, Dorian destroyes it.

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    1. Why is "IN" in capitals? Use "He meditates upon"; use "death from..."

    2. See your last post that I just responded to.

    3. Delete "the" in front of "human nature" and use "composed of" not "by"; delete "whole" and "wholly" and insert "completely."

    Use "about separating"

    4. OK

    5. destroys (sp)

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