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Physics (please help!!!!)

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The mass m = 14 kg shown in the figure is displaced a distance x to the right from its equilibrium position. (Take k1 = 113 N/m and k2 = 198 N/m.)

(a) What is the net force acting on the mass? (Use any variable or symbol stated above along with the following as necessary: k_eff for the effective spring constant.)
Fnet =

What is the effective spring constant?

(b) What will the frequency of the oscillation be when the mass is released?
f =

(c) If x = 0.1 m, what is the total energy of the mass-spring system after the mass is released, and what is the maximum velocity of the mass?
Etotal =
vmax =

  • Physics (please help!!!!) -

    This might help:
    w w w . khanacademy . o r g / # physics

    I LOVE this site.

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