March 28, 2017

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In which of these situations does more charge flow past a given point on a wire?
a. Current of 4 A in 1 min
b. Current of 2 A in 0.5 min
c. Current of 8 A in 2 min
d. All are the same charge

I think the answer is C? Since the formula for finding current is 1 = C / s = 1 Ampere. So wouldn't I just have to multiply the current and minutes to get the net charge?

How long would it take for a net charge of 2.5 C to pass a location in a wire if it is to carry a steady current of 5 mA? I know in order to convert mA to amps, divide by 1000, so 5/1000=5x10^-3A. Now what do I do? I thought I'd have to switch the original formula around so I divide the net charge by the current to get the time?

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    current in amps is coulombs of charge per second
    I = Q/t
    Q = I t
    4*1 = 4
    2*.5 = 1
    8*2 = 16 coulombs

    Q = i t
    t = Q/i
    t = 2.5 /5*10^-3 = (1/2) * 10^3
    = 500 seconds

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    The answer is D

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