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could someone please explain to me how -5/8 + 1/4 = -3/8?

I have several more of these problems -5/8 + -1/6 = -19/24, and more. I have no reference in my text on how to do these. Can someone take me through the steps?

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    Think about a number line.

    You start at -5/8. Then move 2/8 to the left. You're now at -3/8

    -5/8 + -1/6 = -19/24
    You need to convert these to equivalent fractions with a common denominator.

    -5/8 = - 15/24
    -1/6 = - 4/24

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    After looking at 50 or so of these equations the problem I seem to have is the common denominator and the multiplying the divisible by the top number on each fraction. Some of these are very simple and others are very confusing. The above I understand now.

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