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Luisa and Connor had $360 altogether. after conner gave Luisa 3/5 of his money, she had the same amount of money as he did. how much did conner have in the beginning?

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    Please check if there is a typo.

    It is not possible that after Connor gave more than half of his money to Luisa and they still have an equal amount... unless Luisa had a negative amount (i.e. owes money) to start with.

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    yes there is a typo it's supposed to be that he gave her 2/5 of his money.

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    KayKay -- please check the links below the Related Questions.

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    I don't understand those answers and wanted to see of anyone explained it differently.

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    Start by writing down what we know.

    --There is $360 between two people.
    --The names of the two people are Connor (which we will now call "C") and Luisa (we will call her "L").
    --C gave L 2/5 of his money. They then had the same amount of money.

    So let's break it down into what we can write for math. Since they both have $360, we can say if we add C and L's money together, there is $360.


    We also know that if C gives L 2/5 of his money, they will have the same amount.

    So L gets 2/5 of C's money.
    L + 2/5C

    That is equal to C losing 2/5 of his money (since he gave it to L)
    C - 2/5C

    Since they are now the same, we can put them together and say they are equal.

    L + 2/5C = C - 2/5C

    Now we have 2 equations:
    L + 2/5C = C - 2/5C


    C+L = 360

    Now what we want to do is put one letter by itself in any equation. (2nd one is easier to do).

    C + L = 360
    L = 360 - C

    Now we can take that and change out the "C" in the other equation:
    L + 2/5C = C - 2/5C

    Anywhere we see a "L" we will change it to "360-C"

    360-C + 2/5C = C - 2/5C

    Now we just have to get C by itself.

    360 = C - 2/5C + C - 2/5C
    360 = 2C - 4/5C
    360 = 1 1/5C
    360 = 6/5 C
    300 = C

    So we know C had $300

    The only question now is how much did L have?

    Remember "C + L = 360?"
    Since C had $300, we can say
    300 + L = 360
    L = 60

    So C had $300
    L had $60

    Now we can check. C gave L 2/5 of his $$

    300(2/5) = $120.
    So C gave L $120, leaving him with $180.

    L got $120. She had $60. So L NOW has $180

    They both have the same amount.

    Hope that helps. :-D

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