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Homework Help: Physics

Posted by Stephanie on Friday, April 22, 2011 at 9:35am.

A 100-kg box is suspended from two ropes; the left one makes an angle of 20degrees with the vertical, and the other makes an angle of 40degrees. What is the tension in each rope. I think I've got the basics:
I have Fx=T1(x) + T2(x)= 0 to calc the first tension, and Fy= T1(y) + T2(y) + w = 0 for the second tension.
To get T1(x)and T2(x) I took cosine of angle 20 and angle 40 to get -0.940 and 0.766. For the T1(y) and T2(y) I took sine of each angle to get 0.342 and 0.643. I converted mass of 100kg to -980N. Do I have that part right? And can you help me the rest of the way. I have spent two hours on this already. Thank you so much.

After this question, the only other one I'm stuck on is a ladder question. You have similar ones on this site, but not the same and I cant figure out what equation I should be using: A 10-kg ladder 2.5m long rests against a frictionless wall with its base on the floor 80cm from the wall. how much force does the top of the ladder exert on the wall?

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