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Introduced into a 1.50L container is 0.100mol PCl5(g). The flask is held at 227degreesC until equilibrium is established. What are the partial pressures and the total pressures of the gases in the flask at the equilibrium. PCl5(g)<-->PCl3(g)+Cl2(g)

I got a total pressure of 2.74 atm by plugging in the values into PV=nRT. THe mols I used were 0.1 for PCl5.
My partial pressures were 0.9atm for the other two gases.

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    Do you have a Kp or Kc or equilibrium concns of anything? The 2.74 atm is correct for the pressure of PCl5 at the start but is that the pressure at equilibrium? How did you arrive at 0.9atm for PCl3 and Cl2.

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