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ms sue

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ms sue i did and went back to the other posts. could you please help me now.

And also i need a bit help on this bit.

the workers who have been trying to bring the nuclear crisis under control volunteered 4 the job. what factors might they have weighed when deciding whether or not to stay behind and help. What qualities do you think these people must possess? Why do you suppose the japanese people consider them to be heros? Give reasons to support your response.

Factors would be that its risky for them, they may not be able to survive, which will shatter their families, but to save the country that's the only option they have. Qualties they possess must be sincerity, hardworking, passionate, and loyal. The japanese people consider them to be heros because they have helped reduce chances of others losing their lives, helped save the country, and protect all those individuals, by risking their own lives.

please help me with more ideas.

  • ms sue -

    I agree with your response. I don't have anything more to add.

  • ms sue -

    Ok, would there be any other factors? i was thinking that their friends might miss them too, but its all about family and own life.

  • ms sue -

    please look back on other posts.

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