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Using the subject “usted” and the verb in the imperative, tell your instructor three things she or he must do. Then tell your instructor two things she or he must not do. You will be graded on accuracy and pronunciation. Provide your sentences in Spanish.

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    This is a HELP site. We do not DO the work for you. First of all select the verbs you want to use. Here is how to form the usted command.
    -ar verb (hablar) hable, no hable
    -er verb (comer) coma, no coma
    -ir verb (vivir) viva, no viva

    Note that the "opposite vowel" is used. That means an -ar verb uses e and an -er or -ir verb uses a.

    The irregular verbs are based on the "yo" form as the stem.
    decir = digo, the command is diga, no diga
    volver = vuelvo, the command is vuelva, no vuelva

    Post what y ou believe to be the 3 affirmative commands and the 3 negaive commands and we will be happy to check them for you.


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    Usted tiene que guiarme cómo tengo que hacer los ejercicios.
    Usted debe decirme qué tipo de dieta tengo que elegir.
    Usted tiene que motivarme para hacer más esfuerzo.

    Usted no debe decirme que no vale la pena hacer algunos ejercicios difíciles.
    Usted no debe llegar con retraso para nuestra sesión de fitness.
    Usted no debe traerme chocolate.

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