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What are the first, second, and third frequencies audible from a 20 cm long organ pipe when (A) only one end is open and when (B) both ends are open. The speed of sound through the air inside the organ pipe is 343m/s

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    when one end is open, the pipe is 1/4 *nodd wavelength long.

    f*4/n * .2=v
    solve for f. given, n=1,3,5

    both ends open, the pipe is n/2 lambda long, n =1,2,3,


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    (A) When only one end is open, it is a 'closed' pipe and so we use

    Where fn = frequency of nth harmonic (Hz)
    n = harmonic number
    v = speed of sound inside the pipe (m/s)
    L = length of pipe closed at one end (m)
    Plugging in the values and solving, we get f1 = 428.75 Hz
    f3 = 1286.25 Hz
    f5 = 2143.75 Hz

    (B) When both ends are open, it is an 'open' pipe and so we use

    Plugging in the values and solving, we get f1 = 857.5 Hz
    f2 = 1715 Hz
    f3= 2572.5 Hz

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