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I forgot to include these last sentences. Thank you very much for the help.

1) I’m ashamed of myself when my teacher reprimands my in the class register. (writes me a reprimand?).
I felt ashamed of myself when I first talked to my girlfriend because I didn’t know what to say.
2) I last felt sorry when my girlfriend broke up with me. It was the last sad moment in my life.
3) Once I went clubbing and while I was climbing a step I fell on the floor.
4) As for housework I'm still dependent on my parents. They cook lunch and dinner for me, do the vacuuming and wash my clothes. I make lunch by myself.
5) Once I blamed my girlfriend because she didn't send me any SMS (text messages) though she was on a school trip.
&) I felt sorry when I din't paly with my sister and behaved badly with her (had a bad behaviour with her?)
7) I was (have been is wrong?) proud of myself when I passed my maths test with a high mark.
8) I was proud of myself when I scored two goals in a football match/I could run very fast.
9) I told her she was treating me badly while she was setting uo a party for my birthday. I'm independent since I'm able to deal with and work out problems by myself.

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    4) Does this compute? Your parents make lunch for you and you make lunch by yourself?

    & must be 6? din't = didn't pal with

    9) uo = up


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