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Posted by Mike1 on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 5:05pm.

Can you please check these sentences? I'm still doubtful about the use of prepositions. Thank you very much.

1) I was last ashamed of myself when I lost all the matches in a tennis tournment (The last time I've been ashamed of myself is wrong?)
2) I've never blamed a friend for something he did. My friends sometimes forget to take a film when we meet.
3) I think I'm independent of my parents though I can't do the ironing or the washing. I buy clothes and make breakfast by myself (myself?). My grandma helps with (not for/ at?) meals. My mum washes clothes (better:does the washing). I can do all other things by myself.
4) I last felt sorry for my best friend when the girl he likes refused him.
5) I was (and not have been) proud of myself when I took (got) a good mark in English/ when I took the best mark in a history test/ when I passed the driving test.
6) I last blamed myself when I broke a vase. My mum gave me a very hard (?) punishment for it. I blamed myself for not listening my maths teacher.
7) My sister was playing volleyball when she bumped into me (and not fell on?) and I broke her glasses.

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