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Chemistry Please help!!

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An electrochemical cell that uses the reaction
Ti^3+ + 2Cr^2+ -> Ti^1+ + 2Cr^3+

Has a standard cell potential of
E¢ªcell = +1.19V

a. Write the two half-cell reactions.

b. Determine the E¢ªred(reduction).

  • Chemistry Please help!! -

    Anna, I don't understand the symbolism you have used. Perhaps we could help if you corrected that OR if you told us what you don't understand about the problem.
    The half cell equations for the cell AS WRITTEN are
    Ti^3+ + 2e ==> Ti^+
    Cr^2+ ==> Cr^3+ + e

    for part b, if the cell as written is 1.19 volts and you want the cell in the opposite direction, that will be -1.19 volts.

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