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I have a number of questions. please answer as many possible according your expertise.
1. i have seen for sale fossils of ginger and garlic in an antiquity shop. they look like ginger/garlic but is rock hard. the price is about $8 each, which seems like to be very cheap. the shopkeeper says they were found near a cave.
a)how do I determine whether they are really fossil or not?
b)if they are really fossil, then what is the expected range of age?
c)how much do you estimate to be the real value of if they are real fossils?

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    a. measure the density.

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    c) Given these views of Darwin, we can derive an expectation of the ratio of transitional to non-transitional fossils found. I include in the following only those factors which yield a differential expectation of discovery of transitional fossils displaying the action of natural selection.
    EFR = (NSTP * NSPP * AP * SEVR * FSDP) and
    ETF = EFR * OFS

    where EFR is the "expected fossil ratio",
    NSTP is the "natural selection time proportion",
    NSPP is the "natural selection population proportion",
    AP is the "area proportion",
    SEVR is the "subsidence vs. elevation variation ratio",
    FSDP is the "formation to species duration proportion",
    ETF is the "expected number of transitional fossils",
    and OFS is the number of "observed fossil species".

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