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a DC-10 aircraft is flying at an altitude where the atmospheric pressure is 40% of sea level pressure. if the aircraft interior is maintained at sea level pressure, what is the size and direction of the net force acting on a cabin door that is 1.0 meters wide and 2.0 meters high?

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    Pressure at sea level is 101325 Pascals. One pascal exerts a force of one Newton per square meter.

    1. Find 40% of 101325.
    2. That number will also equal the force in N on each square meter.
    3. Find the area of the door.
    4. Multiply the answer of #1 above by the answer of #3.

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  • PHYSICS help please - , Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 6:11pm

    40530 = 40% of 101325
    This number equals the net force (N per Square meter).
    Area of door: Width x Height= 2x40530
    = 81060

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