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Calculus (urgent!!)

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A particle moves with its position given by x=cos(2t) and y=sin(t), where positions are given in feet from the origin and time t is in seconds.

A)Find the speed of the particle.
Speed = ____________
(include units)

B)Find the first positive time when the particle comes to a stop.
(include units)

C)If n is any odd integer, write a formula (in terms of n) for all positive times t at which the particle comes to a stop.
(include units)

For the first one I got sqrt((-2sin(2t))^2+(cos(t))^2) ft/s.
I don't know ho to calculate the second and third part... please someone help...

  • Calculus (urgent!!) -

    x=cos(2t) and y=sin(t)

    Speed at time t (in ft/sec)
    = sqrt(x'(t)²+y'(t)²)
    = sqrt(4sin²(2t)+cos²(t))
    = ... simplify as you wish

    occurs when t=kπ/2, k∈Z

    and y'(t)=cos(t)=0
    occurs when t=(k+1/2)π, k∈Z

    So what is the smallest t when x'(t)=0 AND y'(t)=0?

    Work out from B above.

    Post if you more hint.

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