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Hi, just a few stupid questions about probability.

1. How many different license plates can there be if there is a total of 7 letters (no numbers) (and I'm assuming this has a something to do with permutation.

2. How many different batting line ups can be chosen from a 13 man baseball . (There are 9 players in a baseball line up and order does not matter).

3. A bag of jelly beans has 3 cherry, 5 licorice, and 2 orange.
a. If 2 jelly beans are drawn, what is the probability they are both licorice?
b. If 2 jelly beans are drawn, what is the probability the first one is cherry and the 2nd one is licorice?

- note, a and b are 2 separate questions; its not like there are 2 less jelly beans in part b because in part a there was 2 drawn.

Please show all work or explain how you did it. I know these are quite simple questions but I'm having a brain fart right now D: .

  • math-Probablity -

    There are no stupid questions. All we expect you to do is to put in your honest effort to get the homework done.

    For a detailed example of a jellybean problem, see response to
    especially the excellent reference given at the end of the response.

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