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An atom has a nucleus that is very small
In a reaction, the mass of the products must equal the mass of the reactants.

Electrons are negatively charge pieces of matter.

An electron has a mass that is very small compared to the size of the atom.

The charge to mass ratio of an electron

Any sample of a chemical compound will contain the same elements in the same

Neutrons are a particle with no charge.

The magnitude of an electron's charge

  • chem PLEASE HELP -

    I am fairly certain all these are in your text. Have you read that?

    I will be happy to critique your work. You should know each one of these.

  • chem PLEASE HELP -

    I am very sorry. Chem is just not my thing and i looked in my notes the book and everything

  • chem PLEASE HELP -

    Bobpursley asked if you'd READ the text. Just looking in it for the answers does not help you learn. You need to READ carefully, take notes, and study your text to understand what you need to learn.

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