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Posted by Mike1 on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 5:15pm.

I urgently need you to revise these sentences. I thank you very much for your help

1) They prophesy that Banquo will be father to a line of kings.
The witches also tell him that no man born of woman can hurt him.
2) What does Shakespeare say (write) in the final couplet of the sonnet?
3) You were requested to talk about Macbeth's main themes without dwelling upon the description of the hero.
True love will continue until doomsday. (the doomsday).
4) He was torn from his mother's womb before he was due to be born.
They confuse the bad with the good.
5) You were requested to write about the witches' prophecies without referring to their presentation at the beginning of the play.
6) This sentence is disconnected from your previous one and lacks the subject. (has mo subject).
7) The most dominant themes are the regicide, the reversal of values, the false appearances and the time.
8) The witches confuse good and bad (the good and the bad/good and evil) and don't know the difference between opposites. They had familiars, animal-shaped spirits that helped them do their magic.
9)The theme of time is linked to the question whether time is preordained or the result of human activity.

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