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I have answer the question can someone review it and tell me how it sounds or if I need to add something

Post your response to the following: If you were an environmental researcher and were given funding to assist with one environmental issue, which of the following topics would you choose to spend your funds on?

Need to be specific when identifying the issue: (i.e., water: freshwater or ocean water); atmospheric pollution – what type of pollutant(s)

o Water resources

Describe the specific issue (i.e. water pollution, erosion, etc.) and the environmental impacts that it causes.

· Identify and provide a brief description of at least two different strategies/technologies that have been utilized or being developed to combat this issue.

· What influenced your choice? Does it relate to your local area?

· What would the ultimate goal of your research be?

· What influenced your choice? What would the ultimate goal of your research be?

my answer
I would spend my funding on conserving energy. The wastage of energy is our biggest problem. The unnecessary use of energy resources has lead to the depletion of conventional energy resources.
A way to invest in energy conservation is by making our homes more energy efficient; such as switching light bulbs, using watering timers, using low flow shower heads, and also going green is another way to conserve energy, along with less driving. The government has taken levels to control the energy consumption, but only have little success and the only way to successfully deal with this problem is to educate the public by explaining how they should not run appliances when not in use, and how choosing energy options wisely can help solve issues too.Investing about 2,00 dollars into a home to make it more energy efficient can reduce your cost by 15 percent to 25 percent or approximately 400 dollars a year.
I chose energy conservation because just like water we need energy. Energy prices are on a continued rise and it only makes sense to help reduce the cost nad preserve for the future. We tend to take advantage of the energy usage we have but we will suffer in the future if we do not start to conserve.
My ultimate goal would be to help people to become more energy efficient inside homes or create some type of machine that produces solar energy so that some things will not have to be plugged. New technology that is coming out would have to be powered by solar. The more technology being made today the more the energy is being used.

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