February 27, 2017

Homework Help: Fractions

Posted by Tom on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 7:49pm.

Crate has 24 pieces of fruit . 1/2 are oranges, 1/4 are mangos and 2/8 are pineapples. Howmany oranges are there, how many mnagos and how many pineapples?

Al ate 1/8 of a sandwich,Bob ate 1/8, then Bill ate 1/4. How much did they eat all together? What fraction was left.

24 students in class. 3/8 went to recess.1/4 went to library. The rest stayed in the class. What fraction of the class was outside? How many students is that?
Add following 1/2+3/8; 1/3+1/2+2/3; 1/2+3/6+3/4; 5/6/+1/3; 3/12+1/2+1/4; 1/4+3/8+1/4.

Lee bought marble. 1/3 are blue, 1/6 are red. The rest are yellow. What fraction are yellow.
There are 30 marble in the bag. Ann borrowed the blue and red marbles. How many marbles did she borrow?

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