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What are some high level questions about the moon? Please put at least 4.
What are some high level questions for this passage?
There was once a sheperd who loved his sheep but was growing tire of caring for them. One hot day, he sat down under a tree and pondered what to do with his sheep. Up sauntered a wolf.
The wolf said, "What are you doing?"
The sheperd replied,"I'm tying to plan my future. I'm tired of being a sheperd, but I don't know what to do with my sheep."
the wolf replied, "Why don't I take care of your sheep? You can have a bit of freedom for a day."
"Sure! That sounds good," the farmer said, and he skipped into town.
When the sheperd came home, he was surprised to see almost all his sheep dead, he had expected them to be flourishing.
"This is what I get for my stupidity. It was I who left the care of my sheep to a wolf," the shepered said sadly.

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    What is this? There's no way we can tell if you are trying to analyze something or if you have simply copied and pasted parts of something onto the Jiskha board.

    Please clarify:

    1. What is your assignment?

    2. What is your analysis?

    And please make sure you hit the Enter key twice between paragraphs; otherwise, everything runs together.

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    I just typed the passage. My assignment is to make a high level (8th grade) question for the passage. What do you mean by my analysis?

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