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Why have the president's foreign policy powers grown despite the fact that there have been no constitutional changes since the founding?

I've tried and searched various terms on Google and all I'm getting is the "crisis atmosphere of the Cold War" and the possibility of a nuclear war. I can't correlate how it relates to the question. Please help!

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    Is our country facing the same kinds of threats and problems today that we faced in the 1700s? the 1800s? the 1950s? etc.

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    President Lincoln exceeded the powers intended by the framers of the Constitution for the President. In a sense, they were foreign policy powers because the Civil War was fought against a political entity that declared itself a separate and independent nation.

    Apparently in times of crisis, Presidents have wanted the power to act quickly and decisively. Congress has usually gone along with them, so in that situation, the checks and balances have not been in place.

    Why have the powers grown? Because presidents have wanted them and Congress hasn't checked them.

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