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Homework Help: Romeo & Juliet [ Check answers please].

Posted by Allyson on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 6:34pm.

Here are the vocab words we had to use.
Pernicious, adversay, definance, fray, augmenting, posterity, vile, rapier, and mutiny.

1. The ships crew's _____ Against the captain failed. A. Definance

2. '' Because of your good work, I am ___ Your salary'', my boss said. A. Augmenting

3. The Judge setenced the murder to life in prison because of his ___ Behavior
A. Vile

4. A ___ Belonging to their great grandfather hung over the fireplace. A. Rapier

5. The referees had to stop the mutiny that began when one player slugged another.

6. For the sake of ___ Americans need to take care of the enviorment, A. Posterity

7. Since the weather was we did not leave our trip. A. Augmenting

8. In the quest for the homeruns, Mark is the ___ Of sammy. A.Adversay

9. Jack's ___ Of the Judge order appear in court landed him in jail. A. Mutiny


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