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Posted by Mike1 on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 2:30pm.

Can you please check these sentences I'm doubtful about?

1) They will be extras in a sci-fi film. Theyíll take a day off school and they will get paid, too.
2) The film director tells them they have to imagine living in the year 2050. At that time there will be aliens on earth and they will be very frightened of them.
3) At first they wonít see the aliens because they are going to create the real aliens using computer effects.
4) They will see Frank and Kate who will play the role of the aliens themselves.
5) One alien will offer them a piece of metal and Mickey will take it. Mickey is going to show the director how he will offer the alien a piece of metal.The director is going to rehearse quickly because itís starting to rain.
6) I'll get some CDs for the party.
I'll move the furniture in the garage so that we can have more space to dance
7)I'll go to the supermarket and get the drinks. I'll help you carry the shopping.
8)Last Saturday I went out for a pizza with my friends/I went to a pizza-restaurant for dinner./I had dinner at a pizza-restaurant (are they all possible?)
9) I like eating out though I can't now because I have to scrimpe and save (?).I have to save (economize) on eating out (??)
Today's temperature is 20 degrees Centigrade.
The phone bill is 300 £

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