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Posted by anthony on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 1:51pm.

Select the letter of the choice that correctly identifies the underlined phrase in the sentence.

1. The 17th century Pilgrims were the first Europeans (to arrive on Cape Cod.)

A. infinitive phrase
B. absolute phrase
C. prepositional phrase
D. appositive phrase

I think it's A.

2. (Leaving their native land to colonize America,) they expected to land in the colony of Virginia.

A. participial phrase
B. gerund phrase
C. infinitive phrase
D. prepositional phrase

I think it's B?

3. (Steering a northerly course,) the captain sailed the ship to the rocky coast of New England instead.

A. appositive phrase
B. participial phrase
C. gerund phrase
D. infinitive phrase

I think it's C?

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